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Farm Girl 


Born in Brazil, Farm Girl grew up surrendered by orchards and gardens. The orchard had lime, orange, peach and mango trees. Her grandmother grew all varieties of vegetables that went directly from her garden to the family table.


As a teenager in a private school founded by nuns from Italy, she discovered the joy of cooking Italian recipes. At every event, she was invited by the nuns to help in the kitchen. She also cooked at her friends’ gatherings. Every year, she made a point of visiting her grandma in Southern Brazil. Today she still remembers her grandma’s recipes and still hears her grandma’s “Veneto” dialect from Northern Italy, the official language of Italian Immigrants in Southern Brazil. In spite of having little time available in college, she continued cooking for her sister and herself.


Upon arriving in the United Stated, she learned English as a beginner, memorizing vocabulary and mentally translating a variety of English songs. Meeting people of different nationalities was a new exciting experience to the Farm Girl she was. Not only did those new people speak a different language, but they also carried their own culture, knowledge and stories. Progressively, Boston, her new city and the United States, her new country, became more familiar, making her feel welcome and excited about the new opportunities offered by her new home. Living in this cultural melting pot, she realized she was not only learning English in school, but also Spanish through the community of people around her.


Farm Girl went to culinary school while practicing her craft at parties, weddings, birthdays and dinner dances. Most notable among those events were a few Brazilian Folk Festivals which gathered upward of five thousand people every year. This is when she realized her dream was to have her own food truck. 


The Farm Girl food truck is the place where her memories of her Brazilian country life and of her Grandma’s recipes, and the American dream of a young woman immigrant came together. Her food offers a uniquely creative Latin American twist on popular North American dishes prepared from the freshest farm ingredients available. While being a young mom operating her own food truck creates occasional time management challenges, Farm Girl is proud to offer her food as an embodiment of the rich farm heritage of her Brazilian childhood and the culinary openness of the land that has adopted her. 


P.S.: Visit our website,, and find out where our food truck is located in Boston, Cambridge-Harvard or elsewhere, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook,or Instagram. We also do private catering, special events, birthdays, weddings, graduations, family and friends gatherings (see our menu).


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